UPS Gurgaon

Online UPS is a device that is used to have power back up in case of any outage and is known as “Un-interruptible power supply. This excellent power supply device act as a source of power to electronic devices when main power fails and does not let these devices to shut down instantly which harms the devices. The runtime of the UPS is relatively short for few minutes because it runs on battery but is capable enough to bear the power requirement for some time so that another standby source of power can be supplied or device can be properly shut down.

Jet Electro is engaged production and supply of online UPS in Gurgaon and offers a wide range of UPS with aesthetic and durable models of all types and power. Jet UPS has become a brand name in recent time due to the quality of products and excellent after sales service. That is why the company is now counted among the leading online UPS manufacturers in Gurgaon, with a number sales and service outlets across Delhi and NCR region.

Our wide range of Online UPS in Gurgaon is used for the following:

  • To protect personal computers
  • Used at Data centers
  • To protect Telecommunication Equipments
  • Other places where un-expected power cut can cause damages

We provide customized solutions for all your requirements for Online UPS systems whether you want to protect a single computer or you want to power large units like entire data centers or buildings. So what are you waiting for? If you want best in class solution to all the power related problems, then get in touch with us.

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