Online UPS >> Small UPS

Product Range 1,2,3,5,6,8,10Kva

(Single phase Input Single Phase Output)

Online, Double Conversion with highly reliable inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer,pure sine wave output power.

These UPS are very useful where you require optimum level of performance and safety of products, its galvanic isolation design has all this protection level.

High backup time can be achieved because these ups are capable to charge the big SMF batteries.


Nominal Voltage 230V
Input Frequency Range 50Hz +5 Hz
Input Connections 3 Wire ( 1Phase+ N+G )
Input voltage range for 180 - 270V
Main operations  


Output Voltage Configrations 220/230/240 +/- 1%
Output Frequency 50Hz +/- 0.5 Hz
Output Connections 3 Wire ( 1Phase+N+G )
Waveform Type Pure Sine Wave
Crest Factor 3:1
Harmonic Distortion Total harmonic distortion less than 2% on
  Linear load and less than 5% for non linear load.
Over Load Capacity 130% for 5 Min
  150% for 5 Sec
Output Power Factor  0.7 lag to unity


Input/Output over- voltage
Output overload
Output short circuit
Battery overcharge
Battery deep discharge
Spike suppression


Mains on, Inverter On, Load on mains, Load on battery ,Overload, Low battery


Over Load alarm, Low battery alarm, system trip alarm.


Battery Type SMF Prefered
Battery Voltage 72/144V up to 3Kva and 180/192V for above rating.


Operating ambient temperature 0-45 deegree centigrade
Storage temperature 0-70 deegree centigrade
Humidity 90% Non Condensing.


Static Bypass switch
Manual By pass
Remote on/off panel 
Remote Indication panel
Hot Standby Mode / Parallal Redundant Mode
High Frequency IGBT based
Inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer

Complete isolation of output from input

Cold start function

Enble to start load without mains

Highly Protections through electronic sensing circuits

Hence more reliable protection

Wide Input voltage and frequency range

Works smoothly with flactuating input volatage

Designed for use of workstations, Servers, networks,Sensitive electronic & Electrical equipments
Generator compatible

Ensure clean,uninterrupted power to the laod when Generator power is used

Fully functional LCD display as well as LED panel
Low Noise < 50 db
Compact and Asthetic Design
Battery Backup up to 10 hours



Voice & Data networks

Sensitive equipments

Medical equipments

Diagnostics & pathlabs

Industrial applications

Single phase output laod applications.