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Single Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizers

We engaged in manufacturing and supplying wide range of Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer from 5kva to 30 kva which include single phase air cooled servo voltage stabilizer, industrial servo voltage stabilizer, auto variable transformer etc.

Output voltage stability of Servo Voltage Stabilizer allows the optimum drawing of the current by load and as such no extra electrical powers consumed at low as well as high voltage.

Rating 5KVA TO 30 KVA
Input Voltage 170V-290V for Single Phase (up to 10 KVA)
300V-500V for Three Phase (6 to 30KVA)
Output Voltage 220V/230V/240V Single Phase (adjustable)
380V-/415V/440V Three Phase  (adjustable)
Regulation +/- 1% Better
Type Air Cooled
Cooling Air Cooled
Temp Rise (Max) 60 Deg. Ce above ambient
Base Mounting Fix / Wheels 
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous
Effeciency 97% Approx.
Rate of correction Better Than 50V/ sec in Air Cooled Model
Response Time Less than 100 Milliseconds
Overload Capability 10 Minutes for 25% Extra of the Load
No Load Loss Less than 0.8% over entire range  
Earthing Earthing Terminals Provided


  • Fast response
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Special feature on demand.
  • Single PCB for three phase sensing and correction
  • Voltage speed high torque DC servo motor proportionally controls corrections
  • No effect of power factor and frequency variations
  • Sensing circuit is isolated from the mains
  • Individual assemblies tested on full load at 55 deg c in oven for 48 hours to minimize failure
  • All raw material inspection as per internal components manual.
  • Final equipment tested for accelerated life test to identify and replace any weak links.
  • High reliability.
  • All electrical application single phase or three phase.
  • Small units, Hospitals, companies, CNC Machines, AC Units, Big House.
  • Air conditioning
  • Medical equipment (CAT scan, X-Ray machines, physiotherapy, etc)
  • Commercial building and complex
  • Communication and broadcasting equipment
  • Printing & packing industries.